Nuova Faor: the world of modelling

Modelling in Pavia

New Faor sets the benchmark for mechanical modelling in Pavia. Established in 1979 as a specialist mechanical machining company, we have constantly updated our output and today we also work in dynamic and radio-controlled modelling. All our work is delivered through the dedication and passion of our three founding members: Maurizio Faini, Roberto Faini and Alberto Salaro. To date we have won numerous trophies and awards in the racing sector (World Championship 1998-1999, European Championship 1997/98 from 2000 to 2003, Italian Championship 1999-2000) and we are dedicated to our work in the fields of car and aircraft modelling. Indeed our work in car, motorcycle and aircraft modelling is constantly being updated and refined down to the smallest detail. A growing and expanding business, we continue to be successful in both the production and commercial fields, as shown in our partnership with De Agostini.

Radio-controlled modelling and accessories

Automotive and motorcycle modelling made in Italy. Our company creates a range of quads, cars and motorbikes, tailored to the needs of the customer offering high-quality performance that will inspire enthusiasts. We also offer every kind of special accessory and specialty part for high performance bikes: plates, brakes and double disc drives.

Modelling born out of passion and drive

The range made available by Nuova Foar is created and driven by the passion of its three founding partners who deliver quality modelling through their drive for both business and competitive satisfaction. They have won countless awards over the years. It is because of this dedication to the world of modelling that today we are able to offer clients our high-level models in the province of Pavia.

Setting the mechanical modelling benchmark in Pavia. 
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